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'In just 3 months, Manuel was able to work with underlying physical limitations and still transform my body - shedding fat and building muscle.
His focus on form versus loading weight has shown me how important proper technique is and the results don't lie!
With the at home workouts plus the virtual and in-person training sessions, I have changed my views on working out and get excited each time! 
I can't wait to see where the next 3 months takes us.'

Connor L.

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Testimonials: Testimonials

'I never thought I could workout from home. I was always the person who said I needed classes or a gym membership to stay healthy and active but Manny changed all of that for me! The mix of his 4 week programs with zoom classes really gave me the motivation I needed during quarantine. Now with his outdoor bootcamps and personal training the experience is even better! Manny really cares about his clients and he'll push you to your limits all while making sure you are doing things the safe and right way. I feel stronger, my endurance is improved and I am simply more confident but the best part is I actually look forward to my workouts now!'

Sarah C.

Testimonials: Testimonials

'Manny, I've truly enjoyed working with you over these last couple months. Your programs and our Zoom sessions have been so helpful and have kept me motivated towards my goals. Your sessions are tough but you always find a way to make me laugh! I feel stronger and have lost 15lbs since working with you. Thank you for all your support and for genuinely caring about your clients. You're the best!'

Demetria W.

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'I'm a 54 years young runner, not professional, but running pretty good! I was looking for ways to improve running by bringing more flexibility to my body, it means I run faster!
After 3 months of working out with Manuel, I hit my fastest 5km of all time! Most importantly I stopped complaining that I'm tired! When I feel low power, I say that I have felt THE MANUEL EFFECT.

Wes G.

Testimonials: Testimonials

'Thanks so much Manny for being truly an amazing trainer and now friend. I have never been athletic or enjoyed working out previously because I have an ankle injury that I never really knew how to manage. You not only helped me modify exercises and find workouts that work for me, but you also helped me gain so much confidence! I notice a huge difference in my strength and tone over the last few months. And somehow you manage to make working out fun?! I am excited to continue working with you Manny, thanks a million for keeping me fit and on track!'

Alex V.

Testimonials: Testimonials

'Manny is a one of a kind trainer that has his clients health and fitness success at the top of mind all the time. He is constantly checking in and is always responsive. The energy that he brings to every workout (and that he exudes for life generally) is inspiring and is another factor that he uses to motivate not only his clients but the world around him. 
Manny brings 110% to each workout and encourages you to put in the hard work to be your best self.'

Jay V.

Testimonials: Testimonials

'I first met Manny at F45 and was immediately drawn in by his energy and charisma, so much so I would only go to classes where he was coaching. Now as a personal training client I can say he brings the same energy and enthusiasm to each session I have with him. This has been the most important on mornings when I'm groggy or tired. Manny immediately lifts the mood. As for the workouts, I have seen a consistent and  steady improvement in my strength, flexibility, and agility. From my first week to now, I've also toned up, lost several inches, pounds, and have experienced less back pain (which was initially the thing keeping me from working out)
I can't thank Manny more for this shift in my body and mind and I am excited to keep working with him and don't plan on stopping anytime soon!'


Testimonials: Testimonials
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